Rules & Regulations

Conditions of Entry 2012


These conditions of entry are relevant to all sections and must be read and observed by all participants.


  • All entries must be accompanied by full ENTRANCE FEES (cheque payable to Eisteddfod by the Bay Inc.). To receive your performance timetable you must include a stamped self-addressed envelope or $2.00 with your entry.
  • A LATE FEE OF $5 will be charged per entry if submitted after closing date. Late entries will be accepted up to fourteen (14) days after closing date.
  • The AGE OF COMPETITORS will be taken as at 1st June 2012.
  • Entry fees will not be refunded unless a section is cancelled.
  • In the event of there being an insufficient number of entries in any section, The Committee reserves the right to delete or otherwise alter any such section, including the cash prize.
  • The Adjudicator shall have the power to divide and if a satisfactory standard is not attained, to reduce or withdraw the awards and this decision shall be final.
  • The decision of The Committee in all questions and disputes arising out of and not provided for by these conditions shall be final. All entries shall be received subject to this provision, and shall not be subject to any appeal at law.
  • PROTEST RULE: Any protest must be made in writing signed by the person protesting, and lodged at the crit table, either before the section with proof, or 30 minutes after the adjudication is announced, with a reason for protesting.
  • Any approach to The Adjudicator by a competitor or the parent, teacher or friend during the competition is absolutely forbidden and may result in disqualification.
  • A competitor may be liable for disqualification if not at the Venue when called. Competitors must appear in the order in which their names are listed in the programme, unless a valid reason is presented beforehand.
  • The Adjudicator's decision, in all cases, will be final.
  • A piece may be performed once only and is not to be repeated in another section.
  • The Committee reserves the right to appoint a substitute Adjudicator for an announced Adjudicator, and to divide any section for adjudication.
  • The TIME LIMIT must be strictly adhered to when a time limit is specified or you may be disqualified. Please check maximum times for each section and choose work accordingly.
  • VIDEO OR FLASH CAMERAS CANNOT BE USED INSIDE THE VENUE during a performance or disqualification may result.
  • All competitors perform at their own risk.
  • COPYRIGHT RULES: A SECOND COPY OF THE MUSIC OR WORDS OF THE WORK TO BE PERFORMED MUST BE PROVIDED FOR THE ADJUDICATOR with all bars numbered prior to the commencement of each section. Because of the COPYRIGHT LAW all competitors must produce an original copy of the music or book when performing. The Accompanist (if applicable) must have an original copy of the music to play. If a photocopy of the music is provided for The Adjudicator, such copies must remain with the Secretary to be destroyed. More information on copyright.
  • Competitors are encouraged to dress neatly and appropriately for their performance.
  • NOVICE SECTIONS: Open to all non-prize winners in any other Eisteddfod or Festival at the time of the section closing date.
  • Competitors who are not present for adjudication and have won a prize must make their own arrangements to obtain their award themselves. The Committee is not responsible.