Senior Vocal @ the Eisteddfod by the Bay

Handy Hints for Your First Time in an Eisteddfod

When you arrive to perform, you will find a team of helpful and friendly volunteers. You are required to register and the volunteers will help you with this.



Timetables will be mailed to you in advance of the performance dates. These will indicate when the sections in which you are singing will be held. Also included is information about parking, local food outlets, etc. If you have paid for a program, this will be mailed also.

Sometimes you want to know when you will be singing. It is difficult to give specific times, due to non attendances on the day. Only approximate times can be given.



Remember that you must notify the appropriate accompanist of your selection 21 days prior to performance (see the schedule page for the accompanists' details). If you want to arrange a practice, then you can do so with the accompanist.


Senior Classical Vocal Section:

The senior vocal Section caters for Singers who are 18 years and over. It is directed and produced by a team of professional and community volunteers who have worked and taught in the music industry.

It creates opportunity for young singers to advance themselves, help develop their technical skills and performance style in front of an Adjudicator and an audience of peers and interested community members.

It provides singers with the opportunity to work with, and be accompanied by prestigious accompanists, and aids in the transition process for many singers to emerge from amateur to professional. The Senior Vocal Section comprises eight sections with each performer receiving a critique from the Adjudicator and prizes are awarded.